Tips To Fix MSN Messenger Login Error 65

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    Sometimes your computer may generate an error code saying that the connection to msn Messenger is error 65. There can be several reasons why this error occurs.

    Windows Live Messenger 80048820

    Symptoms You Are Experiencing

    msn messenger connection error 65

    When you start Windows Live Messenger and try to sign in, you get error 80048820. It’s a rough guess that the system time or date is configurable.

    Possible Cause Of MSN Error 80048820

    1) Your system clock may still show the wrong time or date! (The most likely cause of error 80048820 is the wrong time).

    Solutions For MSN Error Code 80048820

    Internet Explorer. Try unchecking “Proxy server” in Internet Explorer settings and navigate to “Detection settings are detected automatically”.

    1) Launch Internet Explorer, click “Tools”, then “Internet Options”.
    In the Internet Options dialog box, navigate to the Connections section to view your monthly bill.
    Click LAN settings. Clear each of our checkboxes Use a proxy server for each local network (these settings are not used by the software than with a dial-up or VPN connection). Finally, don’t forget to enable: “Auto-detect settings”.

    Click Start (button), then Run, class regsvr32 softpub.dll. Restart MSN Messenger. See possible error code 81000314

    3) If necessary, log in as an environmental administrator and set the computer’s wall clock to the correct date and time. (If possible, check the time around the world.)

    If you can’t find the clock, click Start, then type “time and date” into the search box.

    4) Temporarily disable the firewall. Check your firewall settings, such as Norton: “Block access to secure websites.” If this solves the problem, make sure that Microsoft Live Messenger has full access through the firewall. Learn how to completely disable Windows 8 firewalls using Group Policy.

    SolarWinds Firewall Browser

    Here is a utility that you can probably use to check firewall settings such as Access List Control (ACL) or troubleshoot Network Address Translation (NAT) issues.

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  • 1. Download ASR Pro from the website
  • 2. Install it on your computer
  • 3. Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

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    Problem with NetGear as well as some other routers
    a) Type the IP address into the nightclub address in your browser.
    b) Log in with your ISP username and password.
    c ) Enter admin and password
    d) Go to modern menu, WAN setup
    e) Change MTU range to 1400

    6) If you are using IE 8.0 only, check your SSL settings. Scroll down the advanced internet labels (tab) to the specific section “Security”. Check the “Use SSL 2.0” box.

    7) One of the easiest ways to fix MSN error 80048820 is to disable or restart your Ultimate modem. This is especially true for modems with effective capture.

    8) We should have tried this solution earlier; Check if the MSN site is “active”, “available”. Even if the site is not available, users usually don’t get an error like 80048820.

    8a) Instead of choosing online, you can try calling your local Microsoft support office. See http://support.microsoft.com for local chapter numbers.

    9) Did the clients just install the software? Antivirus Did some antivirus software just make its own big update? Also try disabling it to see if that fixes the error.

    10) The radical solution is to uninstall Windows Live Messenger and then reinstall each of our latest versions.

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    Common But Classic Troubleshooting Methods

  • Gather information: write down exactly what the nightmare is. When we write down each of our symptoms, something magical happens.
  • Ask: what has recently changed on your computer? Especially complex with anti-virus software modifications!
  • Can families reproduce the problem? Retrying from time to time seems to work. Otherwise, you may get a completely different error 80048820.
  • Search for source: supporting software (tethering), your destination site, or MSN.
  • Call a friend! Seriously, do your MSN friends have a problem, wonder, if yes, then this is the site, if not, go back to the registration desk.
  • Try SolarWinds Web Support
  • Summary Associated With The Code Windows Live Messenger Errors 80048820

    msn messenger connection error 65

    If you’re experiencing Windows Live Code 80048820 error, please check the product clock. If the time and date might be correct, try disabling the software.

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