How To Fix Norton Antivirus Auto Protect Ran Into A Problem

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  • 3. Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system
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    If you find that norton Antivirus Auto Protect is facing a problem, the following article will help you. Norton Security is no longer available for purchase from NortonLifeLock online store (norton.com). Norton LifeLock has just updated its protection and now offers Norton 360 plans. Norton 360 offers additional features such as Secure VPN, PC SafeCam, PC Cloud Backup and more.

    Why is my Norton not fixing?

    To resolve this issue, restart your trusted computer and try opening the Norton device security product. If you still cannot open it, download and run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. If you’re having these issues with Norton Secure VPN through Windows, see Troubleshoot opening Norton Secure VPN.

    Norton Antivirus Services provides system security for the computer itself; However, from time to time the program may or may not work properly. Because Norton needs to be so deeply integrated into your computer’s operating system, sometimes process processes interfere with one of them and cause problems like Auto Protection not working. Symantec claims there is no single cause for these failures, unfortunately there are workarounds for some problems.

    Fix Auto-Protect

    How do I fix Norton Auto-Protect?

    After restarting the computer, this Auto-Protect feature becomes inactive in the settings (Settings > Antivirus > Auto-Protect). Wake up your computer to resolve this issue. If the problem persists , run the Norton Remove while Reinstall tool.

    Open “Manage changes to your account” and also open “Transfer or disable UAC”.

    Turn off a specific “User Account Control” setting by checking the box to the right of it.

    Reboot your computer, and after the tool has finished running, it will be able to “auto-protect” your error.

    norton antivirus auto protect has encountered problem

    Open the account type user icon and navigate to “Manage changes per account”.

    Go to the option “Enable or disable display” Accounts for User Management” and allow you to get “Account Protection for User Control”.

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  • 1. Download ASR Pro from the website
  • 2. Install it on your computer
  • 3. Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

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    Why is Norton scan not working?

    This issue may occur due to a failed update. Restart your laptop to fix this issue. If your company is still unable to scan, you and your family will need to uninstall and reinstall Norton using the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

    Protecting your computers from malware is an ongoing task. Attacks can come from any experience, so there is a real need for programs that are always on the lookout for new potential risks. Symantec antivirus products include what is known as automatic protection. Auto-Protect files are scanned in real time to prevent infection between full reads on your PC.


    Auto-Protect is used by Symantec’s on-demand enterprise antivirus products, including Endpoint Protection Business Small Edition, Endpoint Protection, Multi-Tier Protection Business Small Edition, and AntiVirus Corporate Edition. Every time a file is accessed or modified in any way – be it by opening, saving, or activating – Auto-Protect scans the file to determine if malware has been auto-attached. This provides better protection, from comprehensive virus scanning to faster detection of computer viruses.



    Prevention types form the automatic protection function. The first is the file process, which looks for changes in the files themselves when you access them to edit them. The Other Internet is where Auto-Protect scans all incoming and outgoing email. Auto-Protect is also compatible with IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook products and can scan emails and threats using plug-ins to get both applications.


    When Auto-Protect detects an infected file, there are four ways to deal with it: clean it, quarantine it, delete it, or leave the file alone. Cleaning is an optionWhich can be used if you want to keep all infected files but remove adware and threat. Quarantine is used for infected files to prevent them from running. Infected files can also be deleted, and Symantec recommends that you delete them only if a virus-free replacement is available. You can also publish the file separately; However, access to quarantined files is maintained until the threat is rejected.


    Symantec cautions that a full scan implements many computer settings and may affect performance. Because Auto-Protect typically scans only one file at a time, based on computer usage information at any given time, its resource consumption will be significantly reduced. However, AutoProtect does not replace the full view. Viruses can still enter the system and remain undetected until a scan is run.

    Symantec fixed two anomalies in its Norton AntiVirus security system byafter researchers discovered that the application’s “SmartScan” and “AutoProtect” features can crash any computer when scanning certain types of files.

    This is the latest in a long list of unfortunate issues reported by Symantec regarding Norton AntiVirus. This product has recently been heavily criticized for being resource intensive. unreliable and difficult to install and remove.

    norton antivirus auto protect has encountered problem

    Researchers in Japan have discovered many new defects. The first issue was reported by the Japan Computer Emergency Response Team, and it (jcert) affects the Norton Antivirus auto-protection tool.

    Auto-Protect is designed to actually scan all files, as they are usually accessed from a “protected” computer. Unfortunately, JCERT found that some of the file types it automatically scanned contained the p extension. Break down.

    According to Symantec’s recommendation: “When Auto-Protect was invoked to perform a diagnostic scan of a certain type of file, the result of the scan was a system freeze.It crashed and generated a general security failure or blue screen of death (BSOD) message. , requires a system restart, which can be removed.”

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